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illy X1 Ground

Phân loại: Máy cafe cho gia đình & Văn phòng

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Francis Francis X1 Espresso Machine

Model X1 Ground

  • Cup Warmer: Warm your espresso cups on top of the X1 prior to brewing.
  • Simple Switches: No confusion here! The X1 offers three easy switches (on/off, brew, steam) for fewer head-scratching moments.
  • Steam Knob: Turn the prominent steam knob counter-clockwise to control steam power.
  • Notification Sound: When alternating between brewing and steaming, the X1 will let you know when it's ready with a friendly beep.
  • Hot Water Option: The X1 may not have a hot water switch, but Francis Francis still included a way to dispense hot water: Flip both the coffee and steam switches in the up position. Once the ready light is on, turn the steam knob counter-clockwise and flip the coffee switch down. Hot water will then dispense through the steam wand.
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